From Horror to Habitable….

So we started off by ripping up the awful red sea of carpet that covered the whole front room. Both myself and my boyfriend Ross did this to save on labour costs. We had laminate floor put down in a light beech tone so it would compliment any colours we decided to paint the walls! Next was removing the dreaded dado rails! This took alot of time and effort! But eventually we had

Love this wallpaper! £16.99 per roll from your local B&Q!

enough wood in the backyard for a bonfire! But where the dado rail had been, had left ghastly dents and marks all over the walls of the whole house!!! So we had to patch these up with polyfiller and use a very thick emulsion so cover it up! It took a few coats but we got there in the end! Then just so we could move in we painted the walls almond white, bought a cheap sofa from argos and a floor lamp! And thats how we left it for a few months! But the decorating bug caught me again and i really had had enough of staring at cream walls! ! needed to join the dark side! So from left over paint i had in my shed i mixed up the grey colour i used for the feature wall the remaining walls i painted in a crown velvet paint called mink! Then my wall under the stairs i wall papered in a black and silver damask print.

i love the final result! Especailly the expensive french feel to it!

Then the french 17th century style chair i got from a website called vintage vibe! Although it was slightly over my budget at £135.00 i felt the room needed it to create that expensive Boudoir look! And finally the beautiful wallsticker! A Bargain at £12,99 from Ebay! more posts will follow soon to explain in detail the techniques and products used to create the finished look! hope you like….


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