My Guest Bedroom Boudoir

This is my guest bedroom where guests can stay over although most of time it serves as the cats bedroom! I will put up before and after pictures but this is the end result! I found the curtains first in my local Wilkinsons for £7.00 in sale! I instantly fell in love with the deep purple and damask pattern! So i took the curtains as inspiration and developed the rest of the room around them! I then managed to find the bedsheets from wilkinsons which matched the curtains for £20.00! i already had the scatter cushions! I came across the purple paint also from wilkinsons from their feature wall range £8.00 a tin (took 2 tins to do one wall) the remaining three walls i painted in dulux almond white which you can get from B&Q it is often on sale (2 tins for £25.00). The lamp was £8.00 again from wilkinsons! (i know! im a creature of habit!) and then finally i found a large black ornate mirror to hang above the desk which was £20.00 from my local £pound stretcher. So to transform the whole room it cost about £96.00! thats less than £100.00!!! So you dont need to spend hundreds of £££ to get the look you want you just need to look in the right places and use the right techniques! i hope this has given you all some inspiration! thanks for reading….


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