The woman who lived in her shoes….

Ive always noticed how the porch area of ones home generally tends to be the one place that gets neglected the most! I myself am a culprit of this! But as it’s the first room of your home that people see when they come to visit it makes more sense to put more effort into this room than any other! i apologise for the poor quality of the 1st picture but ive had to take a photo of a photo to show you what our porch looked like  a few months ago! As you can see pretty bland and basic! So i thought what can i do to give this room wow factor? Well 1st ive i ripped up the awful red carpet and we had black tiles put down. Black i always think is a great colour to decorate with as it hides the dirt and goes with any other colour! The tiles i thought were a good idea as they would be easy to sweep and mop up any debris off peoples shoes! Next was the paint which i wanted the same as the living room to keep a flow throughout the house. So it was the crown velvet paint in Mink and again i used my favourite damask wall paper from B&Q. As was it only a small wall i wallpapered it myself! My 1st time! Not bad eh? I then used making tape to paint the raised areas of the front door! which i think also looked rather effective! Then i invested in four black floating gloss shelves £14.99 each from Argos. Now i decided do put the shelves on the wall with the wallpaper. Most people would think the shelves would cover up all my hard work but i think it gives a fanastic background for all my fabulous shoes! I hope you found this blog helpful! laters Daaaarlings x


4 thoughts on “The woman who lived in her shoes….

  1. sarah lumsden says:

    Do u happen to have the wallpaper code number? Iv tried searching the internet but cannot find it at all. I have one wall in this paper and want to do another to match but its not in my B&Q anymore 😦

    • budgetboudoirs says:

      I think they have discontinued it now because I had the dame problem when I wanted to wallpaper my stairway. If you look at my post ‘stairway to heaven’ its a different wallpaper! This was because I cudnt find the other one anywhere! 😦

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