came across this today and found it very inspiring!

Turkey Furniture

So you’re thinking it’s time to change up the colours of your life? Translation: Jumpstart a new decor in your house with a painting marathon. Changing the paint is a (relatively) fast and affordable way to give your house a whole new appear. But the colors you prefer send a message beyond a new appear – and psychologists say they speak volumes about you.

Shades of Red
For centuries, red has meant passion, and that’s why getting 2 dozen red roses from a special someone means “I love you big time.” People who are partial to shades of red, from apple and rose red to tomato and fire engine, generally are affirmative, outgoing and, well, passionate about life.

Shades of Blue
Are you blue? Those who lean toward blue commonly are calm, compassionate and follow a steady course. Reminiscent of both sky and water, shades of blue appeal to those…

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