Ombre Furniture

This would go nicely with my graduated manicures!

Turkey Furniture

ombre furniture1Ombre is specified as the gradation of color. In Interior Design, it’s typically used this transition of color to update a focal point in a room. It is fun, lively and allows you to use colors that might be intimidating otherwise. It also directs people’s eye (typically from the lighter shade to the darker) so it can be a great component in the overall composition of a room.

Wildly fashionable since last year in the fashion world, ombre is more a action than a pattern: it involves the repeated dipping of an object – generally a garment – into dye at slightly shorter intervals as the repetition continues, creating a notable gradient when all is said and done.  The trend has made the start to home decor and furnishings, pushed chiefly by the DIY movement and officially carried forward by some progressive product and furniture designers who’ve been willing to…

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