Take a seat…



So one saturday afternoon i dragged my boyfriend into town do a bit of shopping when, as we walked past an Antique shop this sad little chair was just sitting outside the shop all on its own. The magpie in me started to flutter! Was it for sale? There was no price tag on it. My boyfriend hated it immediately of course but i didnt care i was in love…So i popped into the shop and asked the man behind the counter how much for the sad green chair outside. “£30.00!” He replied, “At least i think thats what my wife said.” he chipped in sheepishly! Poor man had obviously been left to hold the fort and had no idea what he was doing. “Can we get it pleeeeze???” i begged Ross. “No!” he retorted. “Oh why not? i love it!” i pleeded. “Because it wont fit in the car and i’m the one who’ll have to carry it and it looks old and manky!” “Old and manky? its vintage you fool! And its fabulous!” But not wanting an argument i relented and we left the shop to carry on doing our shopping. But while were we wandering around town i just couldn’t stop thinking about the green chair! It was only £30 quid! I knew exactly where it could go (On my landing at the top of the stairs and I was going to paint it gold!) “Whats wrong?” Ross asked me in the car on the way home “nothing.” i replied sullenly. “You want that manky green chair dont you?” “nah its ok” i say. “come on!” he says as he turns the car around “we’ll go get it!” My eyes light up immediately! “Oh thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!” I’m so happy i could burst! i look at the time 3.55pm! Oh god i hope its still open! Just as we arrive the man we’d spoken to earlier was outside the shop locking it up! “oh no!” i cried! He turned to us with a funny look on his face, and asked “Were you after a green chair by any chance?” “Oh yes!” i replied “please sir!” “ok, ok” he said as he let us back into the shop! I was overjoyed! Best £30.00 i’d ever spent! Once it was home, i spent the next few weeks tracking down the perfect shade of antique gold for it. Now i know you are meant to sand furniture down and prime before you paint it but i liked the wood so instead i used a metallic finish gold paint and dry brushed it on very lightly building it up over a few weeks! My chair is now fit for a Queen! Or in our case a cat!

Lord Prada!


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