£3.00 Decorating Secret!!!

Before the doors were plain white

After they have a touch of elegance

I have always loved how in Manor houses and country estates they have painted panells in their doors rather than just having them painted all one colour! So i decided to try it for myself. As our house has a theme of grey, black and white i decided on white doors with grey inside the panells. I bought one tester pot of crown paint in grey and some small paint brushes and decided to attempt my trial on the door between the living room and the porch. I masked off the areas i wanted grey and using my small paint brushes applied the grey paint! However when it came to removing the masking tape once the paint was dry i ran into a few problems! It peeled off some of the white paint underneath so i did have to touch it up a bit afterwards but i was so pleased with the result! So i then did the same to the rest of the doors upstairs but this time i did it freehand rather than using masking tape! I think it gives a vintage yet expensive feel to the doors. I used 3 tester pots in total and at £1.00 each cost me no more than £3.00 to do both sides of all of the doors in the whole house! A cheap, yet effective decorating technique!


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