Let there be light!

My 1st attempt got more paint on the concrete! Ooops!

After & Before


Three lamps later

So I realised the other day that my porch light and the lights on my landing have never had lampshades! (I know I couldn’t believe it either once I’d realised!) So while I was in poundstretcher a few weeks ago I saw these black and white damask lampshades for only £4.99! So I bought three of them! However, once I got them home I realised they were a bit of impulse buy because although the pattern matched the rest of the house they were far too white! Oh if only they were a dark grey I thought to myself! Then (no pun intended) a lightbulb went off and I had a genius idea! What if I painted the inside of the lampshades black? When the light was switched on the black would come through to the white giving it a grey effect!!! Luckily i had some black spray paint left from when i recently refurbished a vintage lamp table. So I plonked my lampshade down in the backyard and started to spray! But because of my impatience I didnt put any newspaper down and so I ended up spraying the concrete black too! Ooops! As I was spraying I got some of the paint on the outside of lamp which I was annoyed about at first, but then when I watched the crisp white fabric soak up the paint and turn a deep grey in colour well you could say I’d seen the light! So I carried on and sprayed the outside of the lampshade and to my suprise I was left with the perfect  shade of lampshade! I then did the same to the other two lamps and once dry I also coated the inside of the lampshades with an extra coat of Rustins matt black heat resistant paint! Because we all know how hot lightbulbs can get! I am so pleased with the result I am planning to buy and spray more lamps so they are in every room of the house!

The End Result!


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