Bathing in Luxury!!!

Bath Elixirs!

Welcome to Hotel Boudoir!

I know its been a few days since my last post but I have been major busy! But I did however manage to get over to The Range in Norwich yesterday! And my god did they have some treasures in there!!! I didnt get too much as I am planning to go back next week and get a few more bits. But I did get these beautiful Vintage style bubble bath decanters and at £2.29 each were by far the best bargains I’ve found (well in the last month at least). Im planning on eventually having them on my bathroom window sill. But they will have to wait until Ive redecorated it. At the moment its peach but im planning on changing it to white and grey with lilac accessories! i know i know more grey! But it is such a sophisticated colour! I love it! I think by the time I have finished decorating, my house will most definately be 50 shades of grey! Haha! Anyways I also came across these black glass diamonte door plaques which i thought were rather quirky! Gives the house a hotel feel to it! They are self adhesive so no need for drilling and at £1.99 i got one for each of the bedrooms and the bathroom! Then finally I saw this beautiful rich purple with diamonte Hollywood style cushion which was £10.99 which is a little bit more than I would usually spend on a cushion but as I only wanted the one I decided to treat myself and like I have said before sometimes if you just buy one or two expensive items, they can give a room that bit more luxury…

A touch of Hollywood Glamour!


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