Cooking up a Storm…

This was the kitchen when we first moved in.

As you can see when we first moved into our house our kitchen was well…vile! It was plain, bland, dull and everything that is just not me! So we painted it a very pale apple green at first just to get rid of the orangy peach colour. But I’m not really a big fan of light colours and my darkside was itching to get out! So for weeks I bought tester after tester of green paint but nothing seemed the right shade of green. I didnt want it too bright and I also wanted a grey element to it. Then one day while i was in B&Q there was a wall display of all their new crown colours and one colour in particular seemed to jump out at me! Parsely Pot!!! That was it! That was the colour I had been after! I didnt even bother buying a tester pot! I also wanted a contrasting colour to the green (i know its not to everyones taste as its very dark but as i was feeling brave) I opted for black! Another crown paint for feature walls called rebel! Now considering I bought these colours in such haste I think the end result is perfect! I couldn’t be happier!

Coffee anyone?

Welcome to Helens cafe!


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