Table for one?

I got this sad looking little table from a second hand shop for the bargain price of £5.00! I know, I couldn’t believe it either! It was the shape that drew me to it. Because instead of being round, it was a sort of hexagon shape. It took me about week to finish it altogether. First of all I sanded it down back to the bare wood, then I primed it! Then over the course of about 3 days I spray painted it black allowing a day in between each coat for it dry! I then got some silver paint (specifically for decorating furniture) and painted the contrasting horizontal bands going down the stem of the table! I then finished it off by sealing it all with two coats of clear varnish! It now sits between my two sofas in the front room and on top of it I’ve placed my crystal lamp! So in total it cost me no more than about £10.00 to decorate this little table! Doesn’t it look fabulous daaarlings? x

The black and silver table fits in perfectly to the rest of the colour scheme!


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