A Work of Art…

Opium Poppy

I recently decided that I was going to take down all the photos in my house and replace them with Artwork instead. Photos constantly have to be updated as people grow older etc..So some pieces of art would stay the same without the need for constant updating and changing. I wanted unusual art though. Something that would intrigue so when I came across an american artist called Jasmine Beckett Griffith I knew I had found what I wanted! She specialises in fairy/nymph artwork and has a gallery in downtown disney. But luckily for me I could get her prints shipped to the uk from her ebay shop! They are not the originals, but very good high quality prints of the originals and she has also signed the back of them! I’ve got them in quite a big size (10×8″) and i managed to find these lovely swept picture frames from poundstretcher for £6.99. I think they compliment the style of artwork perfectly! The watery eyed beauties that depict so many of her pictures just blow me away! I absolutely love them! This is the first one I bought and it comes from her collection called poisonous beauties. It’s the 3rd installment of the series and features the opium poppy. A beautiful yet powerful flower! I have four pieces of her artwork now and over then next few days I will be sharing them with you! Hope you all like them as much as I do!


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