Taking a stand!


I thought I would just take a moment to blog about my toiletries stand in my bathroom. I got it not long after we moved in so it’s about 4 years old now and I quite fancy  change. When we first moved in I liked how it didn’t take up much space and displayed all my powder room secrets for everyone to see! But I am at a stage in my life now, where I can’t stand clutter. Anywhere. I have spent the last year methodically clearing the clutter from our house. You name it and I’ve got rid if it! Books, games, dvds, clothes, shoes,etc…But I realised today the one place that I have yet to de-clutter is the bathroom! But I’m not sure yet whether I’m ready to part with fabulous vintage stand. So any ideas or suggestions would be grately appreciated!




2 thoughts on “Taking a stand!

  1. Pillows A-La-Mode says:

    Baskets for the shelves? It might be tricky to find the right size and shape to fit through the bars, but it would be fun to look! And you could always paint them if they’re the wrong color! Or . . . look around the house and find another fun place to use the stand and get something new for this room! 🙂 Either way, shopping is involved! 🙂

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