It’s beginning to look a lot like christmas!

Max just couldnt leave the tree alone!

So I managed to get over to the range yesterday for a bit of christmas decoration shopping! Last christmas we had a white tree but as max was still a kitten then, all the twinkling tinsel, baubles and lights seemed to send him into some kind of frenzy! And he completely annihilated our poor tree! So i threw it out and found myself a lovely black christmas tree in the january sales! But I soon realised that my decorations that I had with my white tree would not go with my black tree! Luckily the range had a fantastic selection of tree decorations in every colour you can think of! So I got these gorgeous silver and black glitter baubles and a crown, key and snowflake covered in the silver irredesant glitter! The prices ranged from about 79p to around £1.29! I was so excited with my new buys that I wanted to put my tree up the minute I got home! But I resisted the temptation and I always wait until the 1st December anyway! I just hope the wait isn’t too long!

You’ve got to have a bit of bling at christmas!


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