Stairway to heaven…

Now, this might be very hard to



believe, but, my stairs and landing have never been decorated since we moved in! Which was about 5years ago now!!! But because of the layout of my stairs it is quite difficult to get high up! My lightbulb over the stairs hasnt been changed since july2007!! Anyway I decided recently that as I had some time on my hands now would be the time to decorate the landing! So I borrowed a ladder off my mums boyfriend bought the paint, wallpaper etc… And made a start! I needed a rather long ladder for the highest part of the stairs and once I had somehow managed to get the ladder up the stairs (on my own may I add)



But I then couldnt manouvre it to the position that I needed. So I sent my mums boyfriend a picture of the predicament i was in to which his reply was…”I think I better send some decorators round before you hurt yourself!” (he has his own building firm with a great team of decorators and builders- ) So what had taken me the best part of 3 weeks to make a start on his decorators managed to finish in 2days! And doesn’t it look fabulous daaaarlings?! The damask wallpaper compliments the mink walls perfectly and the touch of aubergine in the curtains gives the black and white scheme a touch of colour! So it may not be the stairway to heaven but it is definately the stairway to luxury!






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