About Budget Boudoirs

Diamonds are a girls best friend!

I have created my blog Budget Boudoirs because i was fed up of looking through decorating magazines and then reading the prices for some of the furnishings, wallpapers, paints etc they had used! £400 for a mirror??? errr i dont think so! And if any of you have ever watched the itv daytime programme 60 minute makeover where at the end of the show some of the makeovers are revealed to cost over £20,000!!! I nearly choked on my cup of earl grey! You do not need to spend this type of money to create your dream home! When most people visit my home they usually think i have had a decorator or an interior designer make over my house for me! The truth is i have always wanted the finer things in life but never really wanted to pay for them! And you dont have to! I would say that each room in my house cost me no more than £100 to decorate! (excludings sofas,t.v’s, etc…) So if you follow my blog i will share all my secrets, hints and tips to creating your dream home on a budget! please feel free to post any comments/photos showing how ive inspired you! look forward to hearing from you all……..laters x


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