Decorators block


I know I know long time no blog!!! But the truth is I’ve been suffering from decorators block! So as I had not been decorating I didn’t really have much to blog about. But as the housing market is the way it is right now I’ve decided it’s time to pick up my paint brush and give the whole house a makeover! I’ve decided to make a start with the bedrooms first! As some of you well know I do like my makeup so ive decided to replace the cream (now slightly makeup tinged) carpets and instead put down Black laminate flooring this will not only hide and dirt or makeup but will also be easier to keep clean. Ive decided on a grey and pale pink theme for our bedroom and im still not quite decided on a colour scheme for our spare bedroom. So I’ve been researching all day and put together this photo collage for inspiration! I hope it inspires you as much as it does me! Once i make a start on the decorating I will be posting progress to you all! Happy blogging everyone! ♥


Stairway to heaven…

Now, this might be very hard to



believe, but, my stairs and landing have never been decorated since we moved in! Which was about 5years ago now!!! But because of the layout of my stairs it is quite difficult to get high up! My lightbulb over the stairs hasnt been changed since july2007!! Anyway I decided recently that as I had some time on my hands now would be the time to decorate the landing! So I borrowed a ladder off my mums boyfriend bought the paint, wallpaper etc… And made a start! I needed a rather long ladder for the highest part of the stairs and once I had somehow managed to get the ladder up the stairs (on my own may I add)



But I then couldnt manouvre it to the position that I needed. So I sent my mums boyfriend a picture of the predicament i was in to which his reply was…”I think I better send some decorators round before you hurt yourself!” (he has his own building firm with a great team of decorators and builders- ) So what had taken me the best part of 3 weeks to make a start on his decorators managed to finish in 2days! And doesn’t it look fabulous daaaarlings?! The damask wallpaper compliments the mink walls perfectly and the touch of aubergine in the curtains gives the black and white scheme a touch of colour! So it may not be the stairway to heaven but it is definately the stairway to luxury!





Welcome to the dark side…

I got these bedsheets during my recent trip to the range! I do feel they were a bit of an impulse buy mainly down to the price (£12.99). I usually try to keep to the grey scheme I’m into at the moment. I’m just a sucker for anything black and white and floral or damask! But, now that I have put them on the bed I cant help but feel they dominate the room a bit too much. Dare I say it? They may actually be too dark for me! Well at least they are nice for when my regular grey sheets are in the wash!


Too dark I wonder?

Roses are Red…

The minute I saw this giant rose I fell in love with it! I had no idea where I would put it but I just had to have it! It’s very big (nearly 5ft!) so I did think about putting it in the bathroom, but first I needed a vase


tall enough for it! So when I saw this tall black and white vase for only £12! Well it was perfect! Only, because my bathroom is peach the colours wouldn’t go in there. Luckily the rich red rose and black sleek vase went perfectly next to my side table in the front room!


The black and silver damask wallpaper is the perfect backdrop to bring out the colour of the rose!


Feel The Elegant Ambiance In Your Kitchen

im loving that purple/fushia kitchen!

Turkey Furniture

Feel The Elegant Ambiance In Your KitchenThe kitchen is the heart of a home; it’s where meals are cooked, significant conversations come about, and everybody gets the bulk of their nourishment, both physical and emotional.  There’s something to be said for a sweet, quaint little space, and there’s also something noteworthy about a super-sleek, ultra-modern space with all the latest finishes.

Kitchen is the hub of your home. A ideal picture of home starts with well designed kitchen. A comfortable kitchen is well-planned, intuitively-designed and professionally-decorated. Small or big, a kitchen should look spacious, well-stocked, be comfortable to prepare meals, provide happy, intimate family eating times, and cater well to party times when friends and visitors arrive.

What are fashionable kitchen designs available?
Some popular styles are: Traditional Style, Country Style, Contemporary Style, Modern style and Transitional style.

But I always prefer Modern Style

Modern style Kitchen – efficient use of space, simplicity
A modern style…

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