Rocking around the christmas tree!

Finally got my new christmas tree up with my new decorations! And isn’t it fabulous darlings! I put them up while listening to christmas songs! So I am well amd truely in the christmas spirit…well you could say i was rocking around the christmas tree!






Party polishes!!!

Not really decorating related but I couldn’t not share with you all these Amazballs polishes I found today in Just Essentials in Market Gates! They’re £1.99 each so they’re not going to break the bank! And they will look fabulous for your xmas/office party!


Multi Dazzle-Purple Dazzle-Moondust

It’s beginning to look a lot like christmas!

Max just couldnt leave the tree alone!

So I managed to get over to the range yesterday for a bit of christmas decoration shopping! Last christmas we had a white tree but as max was still a kitten then, all the twinkling tinsel, baubles and lights seemed to send him into some kind of frenzy! And he completely annihilated our poor tree! So i threw it out and found myself a lovely black christmas tree in the january sales! But I soon realised that my decorations that I had with my white tree would not go with my black tree! Luckily the range had a fantastic selection of tree decorations in every colour you can think of! So I got these gorgeous silver and black glitter baubles and a crown, key and snowflake covered in the silver irredesant glitter! The prices ranged from about 79p to around £1.29! I was so excited with my new buys that I wanted to put my tree up the minute I got home! But I resisted the temptation and I always wait until the 1st December anyway! I just hope the wait isn’t too long!

You’ve got to have a bit of bling at christmas!

Rococco Cat!

‘Princess with a Himalayan cat’

Here is the fourth and final piece I have recently purchased from Jasmines collections. (Although I will in the future definitely be buying more!) Some of her mermaid artwork is amazing! Anyway, this one I liked because it has this glamourous princess with her fluffly little cat! So even royalty cannot resist a feline friend! It’s called simply ‘Princess with a Himalayan cat’ which describes the picture perfectly! I love how this piece has a slight gothic feel to it! Intriguing as always!

You shall go the ball!

Marie Masquerade!

Here is the 3rd of my recently purchased prints from Artist Jasmine-Becket-Griffith. It’s called ‘Marie Masquerade’ It was inspired by a recent trip to france – Marie Antoinette – The doomed queen! I really like how her hairpiece is a ship, which I didn’t notice at first! I mainly liked the picture because it reminded me of a 17th Century Cinderella! All dolled up and ready to go the ball! But that’s great thing about art, is that everyone interprets it differently! Feel free to let me know your thoughts and ideas on the piece!

An Artistic Article!

White Orleander

So a few days ago I blogged about how I had found this great fantastic artist called Jasmine Becket Griffith. Today I am showing the 2nd of her prints that I recently bought! This one, again is from her Poisonous Beauties II collection. It’s called ‘White orleander’ and was the 2nd in the series. It depicts a green eyed, raven haired beauty surrounded by the very beautiful but extremely poisonous white orleander plant! Again I have framed this in a vintage swept frame which was from poundstretcher and cost only £6.99!